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About us

ET Priaspa - Svetozar Kirov works since 2006 as continuer of ET "Priaspa - Assen Kirov founded 1991. to meet the needs of farmers in the technique. The company representative, importer and dealer of many manufacturers from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and others. In its product range ET Priaspa - Svetozar Kirov "has everything for the modern average farmer who is a mass producer of products of plant origin. The company has its own warehouse located in Dobrich, March bul.Treti № 102 and includes a covered area of 1800 m.kv. - Department store, offices. The workshop is equipped with cranes, forklifts, welding and other machines .For meet their needs using a company truck, crane, mobile repair shop and three cars. Here you will find everything you need for your class as a small farm tractors and all attachments – fertilizer spreaders and sprayers, cultivators, ploughs, Soil compactors and other machinery; grain loaders -mechanical and pneumatic; seeders for row crops and others. We have spare parts in stock for all brands of agricultural equipment we sell and provide timely delivery on request. Our service specialists will conduct training for proper operation of equipment purchased from us and will respond to your signs during the lifetime